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At Green Mountain Thyme we love to make to make apps. We especially like to make apps that showcase great art found in the exciting world of gifts given to us all -- the Public Domain.

After working in IT for the past 25 years at Williams College, I found myself, in in my last couple of years before retirement, working with the Williams College Museum of Art. My work at the museum involved building a programing infrastructure to make images from the museum collection and metadata about those images available on the web for all to use under a CC0 public domain license. While at this task I became familiar with how many of the worlds best known museums are placing large portions of their collections into the public domain. The works can be found on their web sites in very high quality.  An amazing world of glorious public domain art awaits our exploration. We owe the providers a great deal of thanks for such fine gifts.     Jim Allison


You can find the Williams College Museum of Arts public collection of images and data at  https://github.com/wcmaart/collection

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