About Green Mountain Thyme

This is the home of an aging but young at heart retired IT project manager who still loves the creative side of programming. I hope to use this site as a base for any apps I may see fit to deploy to the Apple app store or any other app deployment site. I also hope to explore and share the enjoyment, satisfaction, and benefits of creating small apps. You can expect to find discussions about user friendly programming environments such as SwiftUI, Flutter, XoJo, Python, LiveCode and more.

One thing we can be sure of is that using our brains to envision a small coding project and then reason out the steps to carry it out will do wonders for keeping our minds sharp as we inevitably grow older. Of course staying healthy is not just a matter of keeping your mind busy. A sound mind and a sound body complement each other. A daily walk, a bike ride, an appropriate workout at the gym are fundamental to staying well. I can tell you that I always feel more energetic and capable after the right amount of exercise.

These days anyone can explore the creative world of recreational programming. Join me.

And there might well be some talk on this site about photography old and new. Before I got into IT work, I spent a few years running a small photography studio.

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